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  • blog Feb 04, 2019

    Drone Hacking

    Three simple and effective drone hacks. With the rising demand and usage of drones are their security systems up to date?

  • Data Analytics, Insurance AI Blog Jan 27, 2019

    Top Data Topics - What are they?

    Top trending topics in analytics.

  • Insurance AI Blog Jan 07, 2019

    The rising cost of insurance 2019

    Will insurance policy prices increase? How can insurers save money and increase profit?

  • blog Jan 01, 2019

    A guide to the internet

    What is the internet? How does it work? What's the difference between the deep web and the dark web?

  • Insurance AI Blog Dec 18, 2018

    Ai - the barriers

    Barriers to Artificial Intelligence - Ever wonder what your barrier could be? They can come in many forms and for many different reasons.

  • Insurance AI Blog Nov 19, 2018

    AI Ready? or not.....

    Are you on a path of digitisation and AI, are you becoming an Augmented Insurance company or are you facing foundational barriers? You are not alone, a recent survey shows that many companies are not on a AI path, however it does show that lots of companies are piloting AI and starting the journey. Find out where you fit in and what is required to scale AI across your organisation.

  • Insurance AI Blog Oct 20, 2018

    AI - ready to go

    TonkaBI is supporting insurance companies today in the race towards a smarter future for general insurance and claims processing. We all know that artificial intelligence is here and it is here to stay. But do we have a clear idea as to how fast its coming and its real true capabilities? TonkaBI has worked in AI and IoT and Machine Learning, mainly focused around insurance and is able to share its experiences and techniques with interested insurance companies, companies that want to take advantage of this new tech.

  • blog Oct 15, 2018

    Team Meeting in Trivandrum

    Ever wondered where Thiruvananthapuram is? Or how to pronounce it? This is where our India base is and where we keep our tech team. This is snap shot of a recent visit to the offices

  • Business Technology Sep 21, 2018

    Voice First Tech

    We are approaching a time where we move from typing to speaking to our devices - Voice First. Voice first is here now and being integrated into all speaker and voice devices and processes.

  • Insurance AI Blog Sep 12, 2018

    Natural Language Processing

    The Promise of Natural Language Processing (NLP) is growing in prevalence, sophistication, and ubiquity. Clients are far more curious of what it can do. As designers, developers and engineers we are continuing to refine our understanding of NLP and the integration of it into unrealised areas. This is exciting!