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  • blog Jul 18, 2018

    Smartibot, time to play!

    Bringing AI to the masses with Smartibot an artificial intelligence robot you can control from your smartphone. Seen on Kickstarter. Get one for the summer.

  • Insurance AI Blog Jul 05, 2018

    Artificial intelligence image processing

    Artificial intelligence image processing combined with machine learning is making huge leaps and bounds within the insurance industry. These machine learning algorithms will one day replace all human processing within the insurance claim center industry, it’s already ready happening with chat bots and soon machine learning AI photo recognition

  • Insurance AI Blog Jun 30, 2018

    Are Chatbots for me?

    Making a start and don’t know where to begin? Here are 3 ways to make a step towards a successful chatbot implementation.

  • Insurance AI Blog Jun 30, 2018

    8 Good Reasons for Automation

    Today Automation is becoming more than a buzzword - is it perhaps the only way to survive? or the only way to provide personal service? or a way to deliver value to the business? Where ever you are in the thought process here are 8 good reasons to start to look at AI and machine learning for your organisation.

  • Data Analytics Jun 16, 2018

    Analytics and Machine Learning

    Companies struggle with getting value out of data and trying to understand the relevance of what the data is telling them. We see savvy companies coming to us here at TonkaBI, but they don’t say savvy – they say frustrated – they all have data tools but still can’t get the RIO from them they expected. They still don’t connect with the customers and growth.

  • Data Analytics May 20, 2018

    Finding the RIGHT person

    How to find that person? How can data help? Who is better suited? Who would be more reliable? When it counts, who will come through for a customer? How can data analytics help in recruitment?

  • Data Analytics May 15, 2018

    Providing a service not selling a product.

    Companies spend huge amounts of time, energy and money generating downloads to procure customers only to ignore, cut and run once they have sold their product, once. Why does this happen?

  • Insurance AI Blog May 07, 2018

    Parametric Insurance

    Parametric insurance or index insurance is growing in awareness across many industries and locations, however adoption of such insurance can be challenging. TonkaBI understands the insurance and tech in delivery of such programs.

  • Data Analytics Apr 20, 2018

    One Truth? using data in business

    Have you ever been to a meeting and numbers and data are being thrown around with passion and belief, yet no one can agree if the numbers are right or if they are being interpreted differently?

  • Business Technology Apr 17, 2018

    Banking on AI

    A Financial Times survey of 30 leading banks’ use of AI revealed an industry excited about the prospects of a technology that can help cut costs and boost returns. One bank even predicted that 50-70 per cent of jobs could be replaced. That is the hype. The reality is much more complicated.