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  • Business Technology Nov 27, 2019

    Employment Comeback

    Machines are automating a lot of work and human labor is on the decline. Will we see a comeback in the labor force?

  • Business Technology Apr 17, 2018

    Banking on AI

    A Financial Times survey of 30 leading banks’ use of AI revealed an industry excited about the prospects of a technology that can help cut costs and boost returns. One bank even predicted that 50-70 per cent of jobs could be replaced. That is the hype. The reality is much more complicated.

  • Business Technology, Insurance AI Blog Jan 13, 2020

    AI Adoption - is 2020 the AI year?

    Will 2020 be the year of deeper and wider adoption of AI? What are the barriers that companies are facing? Will your company pick up the challenge in 2020? or not...........?

  • Business Technology Jun 13, 2019

    Are you giving your company away?

    AI is a tech that empowers data. If you don't have AI in your business soon you won't look too smart. It is like electricity. AI will power modern business. So the smart thing to do is to bring AI in and own the process and the data intelligence it throws off. Outsourcing to AI companies that take your process away is a short cut that, over the long term, is just giving your business away.

  • Business Technology Aug 16, 2019

    Blind Development

    An journey of data and training

  • Business Technology Sep 21, 2018

    Voice First Tech

    We are approaching a time where we move from typing to speaking to our devices - Voice First. Voice first is here now and being integrated into all speaker and voice devices and processes.

  • Business Technology Oct 23, 2019

    Driverless Cars

    Innovation and integration go hand in hand. To innovate your business or your industry you should first understand how to integrate your innovative idea, know your use case and understand the journey.

  • Business Technology, Insurance AI Blog Aug 07, 2019

    Data, Process and Value

    The discussion around data ownership is a tricky one. When we use digital devices, we share data as we interact. But no one knows for sure who owns this data. Is it the person who created the data, like a photo or video? Or is it the website where the user chose to share or store the content? Who’s is it to give away? Do companies and people know what they are giving away?

  • Business Technology Sep 17, 2019

    Is your job at risk?

    How job's have been helped by technology and how job's have disappeared due to technology

  • Business Technology Aug 01, 2018

    How to overcome 'The Amazon Effect'

    Have you seen Amazon in your business sector yet? You name it and Amazon is there or will be coming soon. How do you combat the Amazon Effect? What is the Amazon Effect - The Amazon Effect is the ongoing evolution and disruption of the retail market, both online and in physical outlets, resulting from increased e-commerce. The name is an acknowledgement of Amazon's early and continuing domination in online sales, which has driven much of the disruption.