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  • Insurance AI Blog Jun 07, 2019

    Smiles with Computer Vision

    Computer Vision, how does a computer "see"?

  • Business Technology, Insurance AI Blog Aug 07, 2019

    Data, Process and Value

    The discussion around data ownership is a tricky one. When we use digital devices, we share data as we interact. But no one knows for sure who owns this data. Is it the person who created the data, like a photo or video? Or is it the website where the user chose to share or store the content? Who’s is it to give away? Do companies and people know what they are giving away?

  • Insurance AI Blog Jul 05, 2018

    Artificial intelligence image processing

    Artificial intelligence image processing combined with machine learning is making huge leaps and bounds within the insurance industry. These machine learning algorithms will one day replace all human processing within the insurance claim center industry, it’s already ready happening with chat bots and soon machine learning AI photo recognition

  • Business Technology, Insurance AI Blog Jan 29, 2020

    Influence of Artificial Intelligence on Data Transactions

    How Artificial Intelligence Is Making It Critical to Control Transactions of Data. AI companies that work with insurers to optimize claims processing are left with a valuable resource after the data collection is complete. This article addresses how the value of a neural network − learned intelligence through artificial intelligence − has been ignored and should be considered when an insurer considers outsourcing its claims processing.

  • Insurance AI Blog Oct 20, 2018

    AI - ready to go

    TonkaBI is supporting insurance companies today in the race towards a smarter future for general insurance and claims processing. We all know that artificial intelligence is here and it is here to stay. But do we have a clear idea as to how fast its coming and its real true capabilities? TonkaBI has worked in AI and IoT and Machine Learning, mainly focused around insurance and is able to share its experiences and techniques with interested insurance companies, companies that want to take advantage of this new tech.

  • Insurance AI Blog Feb 18, 2019

    Today's Business Tech

    AI technology. The future of technology will new and exciting benefits to everyone but what's available today?

  • Insurance AI Blog Apr 09, 2018

    Welcome to the Big Data Blog

    Welcome to our first post on the Big Data Blog here at Tonka. We are excited about our new venture and looking forward to bringing you relevant and interesting articles...

  • Business Technology, Insurance AI Blog Jan 13, 2020

    AI Adoption - is 2020 the AI year?

    Will 2020 be the year of deeper and wider adoption of AI? What are the barriers that companies are facing? Will your company pick up the challenge in 2020? or not...........?

  • Insurance AI Blog Nov 19, 2018

    AI Ready? or not.....

    Are you on a path of digitisation and AI, are you becoming an Augmented Insurance company or are you facing foundational barriers? You are not alone, a recent survey shows that many companies are not on a AI path, however it does show that lots of companies are piloting AI and starting the journey. Find out where you fit in and what is required to scale AI across your organisation.

  • Insurance AI Blog Jun 30, 2018

    8 Good Reasons for Automation

    Today Automation is becoming more than a buzzword - is it perhaps the only way to survive? or the only way to provide personal service? or a way to deliver value to the business? Where ever you are in the thought process here are 8 good reasons to start to look at AI and machine learning for your organisation.