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Published on Oct 20, 2018

TonkaBI has developed a technology in which Video and photo-analyzing is being completed using artificial intelligence (AI) to assess vehicle damage. This is turning out to be a useful tool for the general insurance industry.

General Insurance companies are starting to adopt AI to automate the process of the motor and health insurance claims, at TonkaBI we have developed a tool for auto claims. In motor insurance claims, companies are in process to introduce this new technique of automated crash damage analysis, this then supports the ability to estimate the cost of damage and speeds up the claims service. TonkaBI has discussed this with many clients and concluded that this new technology will “change how motor insurance claims are managed from today, this is not a technology of the future, it is here today”. The tech will assess the collision damage based on videos and photos.

TonkaBI has successfully completed some PoC’s and is ready to begin to roll out this technology. “The process trains our computers to view the damaged, just as a human does, and then is able to assess any kind of external damage to the vehicle within seconds, making recommendations with very high degrees of certainty 24 hours a day. Using AI makes the process faster, more cost effective and more efficient ”.

TonkaBI is not an insurance novice nor is it a start-up. It is a company fully focused on the insurance sector and brings with is many years of insurance knowledge. Over the years its team have worked for brokers, agents, MGA’s and insurance companies on policy management processes, claims processing, micro payments, volume sales, new areas such as Parametrics and Cyber, and developed rating and claims models to fit around insurance.

TonkaBI has been developing such products, combined with their modern cloud-based solutions technology that will enable insurance companies to create unique opportunities to get the benefits of artificial intelligence in Insurance Claims sector.” TonkaBI enables companies to started delivering training on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning within their businesses.

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Posted in Insurance AI Blog on Oct 20, 2018