Providing a service not selling a product.

Published on May 15, 2018

Spend, download, use coupon code, buy this, sell that, all the usual things we hear and see companies doing, all telling you they’re providing a product when, really, they should be selling the service. Companies spend huge amounts of time, energy and money generating downloads to procure customers only to ignore, cut and run once they have sold their product, once.

Why does this happen? These companies are looking only at the short term, they don’t offer any kind of service and burn through relationships at an alarming rate. These companies don’t understand their customer and the power of long term partnerships.

Companies forget the BIG 6 words, what, why, when, who, where and how, these are the most forgotten and miss used words. These few but impactful words need to be understood before starting a company or starting to sell. Know your customer, build a community! These words help you qualify potential clients and customers. Selling isn’t convincing someone to buy or converting a no into a yes, it’s qualifying, knowing, understanding. The Big 6 serve great purpose before and after selling by enabling the building of real relationships!

Who’s your customer? Well I’m with a company called TonkaBi and if you didn’t guess from the name, TonkaBi is a business intelligence tool. So, could every company with data be a possible client? No! Just because a company gathers data doesn’t mean we’re a perfect match. Business partnerships are about building a perfect understanding and admiration of each other’s company. You need to have the determination to grow your company and understand and love your customers. Analytics is more than data, it’s the DNA in the of the company.

Who is TonkaBi I have never heard of you!?

TonkaBi is an end user focused business intelligence service aimed at empowering companies to become fully data driven. What does that mean?

Well ask yourself;

How many people work in your company?

How many of them are data scientists?

How many can build meaningful and accurate chart tables?

How much effort does it take to build the weekly and monthly reports?

How many people just need to know how well their sales team is performing?

How much time have you spent training your employees to use your current Bi tool?

How many use the tool to its full potential?

Then ask yourself:

How much money are you spending on your current data analytics tool? Is this helping or hindering us becoming data driven? Is the tool all wrapped up in the IT or BI department or are the tools and charts being used through the whole company building great ROI on the investment?

We at TonkaBI thought not….we can improve your journey to becoming fully data driven and give you a great ROI on our service. TonkaBI is more than a product.

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Posted in Data Analytics on May 15, 2018