Team Meeting in Trivandrum

Published on Oct 15, 2018

People often ask why I have our tech office in Trivandrum. We have many reasons and the first one is actually a reason to move it to Pune – it’s hard to pronounce! Getting there by plane is a challenge because from the UK or USA trying to pronounce and spell the correct name is very hard - Thiruvananthapuram. So apart from that its a great place. Wonderful people and great places to see. Our team have been on our projects for between 4 and 6 years and mostly no team member has left. So, as we step up a gear in to growth this is an important factor. Hiring people in any part of the world is costly and a challenge but then if you have high turn-over it just makes the whole process hard work. We are fortunate to have our offices inside the Technopark. The Technopark came into existence in 1990. Technopark companies employ more than 56,000 IT professionals. Spread across 760 acres of land with 9.7 million sq.ft built up space (completed) and about 400 companies operational at present. This means we can scale up our business and rely on a steady stream of new people wanting work for us. This year was the first time for a long time that we got the tech team together for a much-needed round of applause. We are quite a diverse bunch and we hope to keep it that way as we grow in to projects in USA, UK, India, and a few African countries.

In 2019 we will have more events and team get togethers and I hope we can add more faces to the team and expand our offices.

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Posted in blog on Oct 15, 2018