Analytics and Machine Learning

Published on Jun 16, 2018

Analytics and Machine Learning

Over the last few years we have seen a huge growth in Big Data and companies becoming more and more aware as to how data can transform their opportunity. For many companies there has been a huge paradigm shift in the way in which data sets are stored and processed.

So, we have Big Data now what? What is the next big thing in computing. Is it about computing or knowing how to extract the value from a complex mix of technologies.

Companies struggle with getting value out of data and trying to understand the relevance of what the data is telling them. We see savvy companies coming to us here at TonkaBI, but they don’t say savvy – they say frustrated – they all have data tools but still can’t get the RIO from them they expected. They still don’t connect with the customers and growth.

The companies have traditional data systems, with centralized database architecture processing large amounts of data. Some have Big Data solutions with a distributed database architecture with better computing capabilities for a superior performance. They use one or two or three of the top 3 or 4 analytics tool and all are not happy with their growth despite the investment in people and tech.

Why this frustration – we believe that data analytics is the foundation to growth, automation, insight and visibility. Its not the end game. There is more to data analytics than the likes of the top 3 or 4 tools can offer.

We are working on projects that integrate data analytics, reporting, machine learning and artificial intelligence into businesses that are starting to adapt fast and soak up these new tools. These are businesses are becoming AUGMENTED by technology – smarter. Better use of resources. Allowing many jobs to be carried out by our tools and the people adding value to the more difficult issue or high value jobs.

We believed that machine learning technologies can augment and increase the reach of data analytics to such an extent, where algorithms can be used to fully eliminate the possibilities of human error for enhancing the customer service experience. This improves. This allows for growth.

This can allow support teams to use their valuable time and energy elsewhere to focus on more critical issues that need more human intervention. Making the business smarter.

This technology can now offer more predictive and prescriptive analytics to offer customized solutions. For example – a customer in a shop or restaurant or mixed retail – casino – hotel park. With machine learning, it’s possible to keep track of the individual preferences of each customer and deliver them unique opportunities designed for them – every customer has different ideas as to what they will do next, how they got here, what they want now – with tech its now possible to Engauge with the customers as they make their decisions.

This provides for more collective intelligence which may be utilized by the customer service team more efficiently for providing a personalized and efficient service to their valuable customers.

Big data and artificial intelligence are set to be game changers in industry and with easy access to cloud technologies such as Azure and AWS, computing power is no more restricted. High bandwidth and access to enormous amount of structured and unstructured data are changing the way in which businesses can access information and actually do something with it.

A result of all this activity and data, there will be a greater need for information management in areas such as data storage, fraud detection and prevention, compliance reporting and risk management. We will start seeing higher and high degrees of Self Service – where the customer oversees their journey with the company and have the ability to do things that just was not possible a few years ago.

Machine learning models are successful and effective mainly due to the availability of high speed, high volume and a wide variety of data, where big data perfectly fits the bill. At present, businesses are generating enormous amounts of data which is not fully utilized through data analytics.

Traditional techniques and tools of analytics do not have the best capabilities to make the best use of such complex data. They are expensive to deploy, and companies have centralized the expensive parts owing to complex licence agreements creating barriers to growth.

This is where TonkaBI can help. We are experts in integrating data analytics, machine learning and AI, whilst keeping a tight rein on costs and delivery. TonkBI can help companies tap into the huge resources of the Big data.

There are many applications of machine learning and potential benefits, but at the same time, there are many drawbacks and challenges that businesses need to know and be prepared ahead of their journey. TonkaBI will be with you every step of the way.

Big data and machine learning are shaping the future of how enterprises will derive maximum value from their data and analytics capabilities. TonkaBI can lead you along this path.

At TonkaBI we are well acquainted with many industries and can offer end to end solutions that take advantage of analytics, machine learing and AI. TonkaBI is uniquely positioned to deliver and support globally.

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