Artificial intelligence image processing

Published on Jul 05, 2018

Artificial intelligence image processing

Artificial intelligence image processing combined with machine learning is making huge leaps and bounds within the insurance industry. The machine learning algorithms will one day replace all human processing within the insurance claim center industry, it’s already ready happening with chat bots and soon machine learning AI photo recognition. I think we all can appreciate when artificial intelligence combined with a well-developed machine learning algorithm out performs any human with repetitive work such as processing photos of damaged cars and insurance claim processing. TonkaBI hopes to break into the car damage claim processing market in India and Africa by machine claim auditing and AI photo recognition and image processing. TonkaBI has already started working on the technology which we hope will revolutionise the way insurance claims are processed. TonkaBI will bring the current claim processing time down from 2 to 6 + hours to under 5 minutes.

The challenge

The car insurance industry are facing a prolonged time in estimating quotes and finalizing claims through their claim centre the process which ends up back logging all other claims which increases work load on the insurance provider and frustrates their customer, it’s like a never ending cycle.

The current process outline:-

  • A Policy holder uploads images of their damaged vehicle to insurance providers mobile application or web based platform.
  • Insurance providers claim centre employees evaluate the images and contact the policy holder for further clarification of the damaged vehicle and the photos.
  • Insurance providers employees then calculate and give the policy holder an estimated repair quotation based off the photos and from previous claims from the same vehicle.

The Goal is to take the current process with all the time and effort and reduce this down to a few minutes and considerably less human intervention to provide the policy holder with an accurate quote for the repair of their vehicle. Insurance providers will also be able to clear all back log of claims. Insurance companies will be able to increase revenue and customer base, allowing companies grow fast and economically and to deliver very high levels of customer service.

TonkaBI fully understands the Use Case and can deliver an automated process that is managed and controlled through machine learning and artificial intelligence technology.

Below is an example of TonkaBI’s development AI and ML foundations where all types of photo recognition and evaluation can be built from the ground up. TonkaBI likes to build from workbench styles of development this method provides our clients unique development opportunities.

Although these are just simple pictures but you can see the AI evaluates the damage by area and damage severity. The policy holder data will be collected from the insurance provider’s database. TonkaBI will collaborate both ML algorithms once their development has finalised. This AI application is a back end enriching program to speed up the processing and evaluation time.

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