NoQuibblz - The future of vehicle inspection

Published on Mar 17, 2021

TonkaBI’s AI powered vehicle inspection application “NoQuibblz” is now out on playstore. NoQuibblz brings together mobile technology and artificial intelligence to automatically analyse your vehicle in seconds. Along with access to your own inspection reports, the application also enables faster claims journey and reduces the time for claims settlement from days to minutes.

Through NoQuibblz, TonkaBI is bringing innovation to the world of car ownership and car rental with the use of a computer vision technology that detects and reports car damage and provides a repair estimation. This is achieved through a scalable mobile application powered by artificial intelligence which acts as an independent car damage inspector on your phone. With NoQuibblz, the process of claim settlement becomes much simpler and efficient as the requirement for physical proofs and other paperwork gets eliminated.

Following are the salient features of NoQuibblz which helps you inspect your vehicle for damages and claim insurance without any hassles:

  1. Capture and Analyse Click and upload images of your vehicle, covering the whole 360 of the vehicle. The app generates an insightful and actionable vehicle report for Pre Policy Insurance Inspections and First Notification of Loss.

  2. Damage Report The report will be generated within a few minutes and includes details about all damages along with location time and date on which the inspection was completed. This report can also be used for Pre Policy Inspections and FNOL.

  3. Easy Access You can access all your reports in one centralized space along with functionalities to view, download and share the damage report as per your convenience.

  4. Claim Settlement made easy This app takes away all the paperwork and any manual input requirement in your claims settlement journey. The report generated along with the repair estimate will act as your validated proof at the time of claim settlement and thus simplifies the process.

Noquibblz is revolutionizing the vehicle inspection process by making the journey simpler and easier for users and at the same time helping avoid the delays and hassles of the traditional claim settlement process.

Posted in Business Technology, Insurance AI Blog on Mar 17, 2021