Star Wars Technology

Published on Apr 16, 2019

Start Wars is our future.

I am a massive Star Wars fan. Even now, as I write this blog, I have a Darth Vader bobble head staring at me bobbling around as I sit here. I have always been mesmerised by Star Wars, I can remember my dad taking me to the cinema to see A New Hope and, from then, on all I wanted to be was a Jedi. I loved the idea of the using “the force”, having a lightsabre and kicking ass flying around in my X-wing fighter.

I recently watched Empire Strikes Back and, while watching, I kept thinking to myself ‘we’re not hundreds of years away from this’ (apart from using the force and Star Wars being let a long time ago). I think we’re probably just a few decades away from much of the technology. Here are a few examples of being on the journey following are some simple comparisons with Star Wars and technology that is available today.

Lets start with something anticipated in 1999 - Episode 1 which was released in 1999. See below the i-Pad!! Apple took just 10 years to release its first version in 2010. So just a decade.

Now lets move on to others….

Drone motorcycles VS Speeder bike in Return of The Jedi. The company also has some pretty bad ass looking drone taxi which at a first glance could be straight out of Star Wars. Okay, these machines are electric motorised propellers and not some futuristic jet propelled engine that run on a mysterious fuel but who knows what the future will bring for urban and interstellar travel. It is a start to mass mobility without roads!

How to describe this one? It’s a cargo carrying device which follows you around. I’m going to be bold enough to compare this with BB-8 from the new Star Wars generation. Yes, I agree with you, one a basically a bin on wheels and the other does it all, but can you see the early the development days? You have to start somewhere right? Imagine what this could be in the next 20 years. Probably not on the same level as R2-D2 or BB-8 but hopefully it will be more than it is now.

Our laser weaponry and Star Wars blasters are worlds apart in looks and practical user ability as one is mounted on a ship and requires hydraulics to move and the other is used like a normal hand pistol. They both use types of crystals but for obvious reason the Star Wars crystal is fantasy but anyway…. the blasters use kyber crystals and interestingly enough the early developed leaser weaponry used ruby crystals but since then the military developers have moved on from the ruby.

C3-PO was known for many things and one of those skills was understanding hundreds of complex languages, a protocol droid. Many years ago if you wanted to read a paper or a book in a foreign language that you did not know, you would have to get the paper translated by a human or learn the language. Today this is changing. Companies like Amazon have launched a multi-language translation API, the machine learning program can translate 137 languages – a human would be amazing if they knew 10 fluently. There are also translating devices available that also claims to translate a wide range of languages.

Droids, whoever has heard of Star Wars has heard of and seen droids. We seem to be edging ever closer towards actually having a fully functional droid (robot) walking around the office or street or factory. One of the most famous and advance robotics companies is Boston Dynamics. Take a look at Atlas, I feel Atlas looks similar to the battle droids, hopefully Atlas will be smarter and less aggressive. There are many more droids in Start Wars and many more robots/droids we are building today to support the future of tomorrow.

Also check out what Amazon are doing on the robotics

Who can forget Luke’s bionic arm and the scene when Darth Vader cut it off in The Empire Strikes on Bespin the cloud city. Bionics limbs used to be a thing of complete fiction and only seen in Star Wars but now thanks to the advances in technology, science and robotics this marvellous break though has come true and will go on to help thousands of people worlds wide. Check out Hero Arm.

Obi Wan Kenobi you're my only hope, the hologram message of princess Leia played by R2-D2 is one of the most famous lines in Star Wars, and this brings us to our last and final Star Wars technology - holograms. Holograms are now getting used in marketing, data visualisations and performances. You may have seen the hologram of Tupac at Coachella music festival in 2012 it’s pretty good. Holograms could be the future of job interviews, board meeting or even online dating?

They are being used in the USA presidential race today too – Tupac and a Presidential candidate – things are moving on fast these days!

The next decade of science and technology will be packed full of innovative breakthroughs just look at how far we have come since Star Wars was first released in 1977. I am excited to be 25, my dad just wants to lives to 500 to make sure it all comes true!

Posted in Business Technology on Apr 16, 2019