TonkaBI & AI Vendors

Published on Jun 01, 2021

One of TonkaBI’s USP for AI software is ownership! Highlighted here by Claims Technology UK. TonkaBI provides the option for partners to purchase the software as this adds huge value and a good ROI long term for the partner. Why ownership? From TonkaBI’s point of view this model is better because the partner has more control over the data the AI is trained with and the results the AI produces, the learnt intelligence (neural network) will remain theirs and how an inspection or claim is evaluated will remain a complete secret. But by far the fact the partner has control over the neural network provides the best return as they know TonkaBI cannot leverage the superior accuracy for profit.

Quote from the CT UK –

“From an AI perspective, we particularly like solutions that don’t require ‘training data’ from the tech buyer, i.e. those that simply work out of the box. This is true of ‘universal’ solutions from BDEO, Click-Ins and as opposed to ‘country-specific’ solutions that have been trained for a specific market, such as Claim Genius in the US. TonkaBI differentiate their service by developing highly bespoke AI models for each and every B2B client, who then have the option of purchasing the software outright (rather than licence).”

Putting the above quote into context – every AI within this area of computer vision needs training and tuning to reach the desired results. There are multiple factors that play apart in this but a main reason is image quality, its like putting on the wrong pair of glasses and expecting to read with the same precision and speed.

For anyone that is wanting to experiment with TonkaBI’s AI just search NoQuibblz in Google Play Store and download the app, we are very transparent with our technology and always happy to discuss.

Posted in Insurance AI Blog on Jun 01, 2021