Is your job at risk?

Published on Sep 17, 2019

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The majority of us have heard about Ai and how Ai will take over your job, oh no!! This is presented and a new thing. However, people have been continually replaced or the job has been made easier by technology for many, many years. Technology and innovation comes in different forms, the hottest topic at the moment seems to be Ai. In this short blog we aim to highlight some jobs that have been changed by technology and the jobs which have been replace by technology.

Let’s start by looking at some examples where technology and innovation has helped improve the working conditions and productivity of our everyday jobs.

The construction industry was blessed by the introduction of the highly technical wheelbarrow. This was a fantastic innovation which has had a positive impact and still getting used today due to its versatility and durability and not to mention the barrow being a common household item. I assume people used animals or they just carried fewer objects before the wheelbarrow was introduced.

For all the writers out there, I choose the ink pen. This is an excellent invention which has definitely impacted billions of people around the world for generations past and more to come, if it wasn’t for the pen we would probably still be painting or using a pencil (rubbish).

Lastly, the tape measure. This is widely used tool all around the world and within many different industries. It wasn’t until the early 1860’s when the early tape measure was invented but with that said measuring devices can be traced back as far as the Roman times where they used marked leather strips for measurements.

Now let’s move on to when and how have people been replaced by technology?
Do you know what a “knocker Upper” is? This was a job for many from the late 1800 which grew in the early 1900 but then sadly disappeared through the 1950’s and by the 1970’s it was gone. So, what did a knocker upper do? A knocker upper used to wake people up by tapping on their bedroom window with a long pole or a rattle and some used a pea shooter to wake up their customers. The profession died out just like many jobs because of affordable technology and what was this technology that became affordable? The alarm clock of all things. And today the physical alarm clocks are also on the decline due to the evolution of technology. The clocks that most of us use these days are built in to our mobile phones, there is an app for that!

“Hello, operator.” This was the classic switchboard greeting which many (older) people around today will remember. The job of the operator was to connect a call via a cord and a jack. Additionally, the operators could listen in on the conversation. When a user wanted to place a long distance call they would have to book a time and a slot in order to place the call. Technology has since replaced the traditional switchboard as we know today. Many companies still have switchboards but these switchboards are completely digitalised whereas the switchboards previously were manually operated switchboards. The job was largely made redundant in the 1980’s due to technology.

Bowled a perfect 300!! That’s right we’re talking about bowling. Believe it or not pin setting or Pinsetters as they were called was a real job. This job was around until the early 1940’s, then most bowling alleys transitioned between human process to an automated technology driven process. When pin setting was a job the Pinsetters had to pay extra attention while resetting the pin not to get injured. A typical ‘pinster’ was a young boy, the boys were low paid and worked long hours. Bowling is thought to go back to the Egyptian era but this style of bowling is a lot different to the 10-pin bowling as we know today.

What job do you think will be next for extinction?

Posted in Business Technology on Sep 17, 2019